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Welcome to the 2020 Northwest Cincy Fall Tournament

Rules for the 2020 Northwest Cincy Fall Tournament

Same rules that apply for GCPSL league play will be used for this tournament including 'league play' guest player rules.

Each team will be awarded 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, and no points for a loss. The winner of each division will advance to the finals. In the event of ties in the standings, the following procedure will determine the divisions winner:
-Head to Head competitiion. Not applicable for 3-way ties.
-Highest number of total goals with a Max Differential of 5 per game.
-Fewest goals allowed.
-Penalty Kicks

There will be 2 four team divisions. If possible each division will play a round robin. The top two teams will go to the finals.

Finals Tie Breaker:
-2 Full 10 minute extra periods.
-Penalty Kicks

Player cards and possibly rosters will be checked prior to each game.

Two Man referee system will be used. Games will still be played if there is only one ref.

We will use GCPSL Rules for build out lines and goal kicks. Not FIFA or OSYSA.

Inclement Weather
If a game(s) is(are) canceled or delayed due to inclement weather the NWCSC Board will decide to shorten duration of games, reschedule games, or permanently cancel games. Best efforts will be made to play all games. No refunds.



Northwest Cincy Fall Tournament
Todd Hetz - Tournament Director
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